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why choose us
a few points we feel will pique your interest...
Its not a job but the job. We come to work not for the paycheck but because we enjoy what we do. We take great pride in what we deliver because it carries our name. We are as passionate about the work we do as we are about delivering results.
We understand that service sometimes just means being available to your partners listening, explaining, discussing and delivering ...results.
We know the importance of listening to our partners and for them to know we are there any time any day. Thats why we pickup calls even at 3 am (our time)...because problems don't come calling during your regular business hours.
We value it more than anything else. Any advise we give or direction we take will have your best interest at the forefront.
attention to detail
We understand it. And our clients will vouch for it.
Our understanding of technology, on time delivery, 24x7 accessibility, result oriented track record, lifetime warranty and not to mention our affordable rates is what makes our clients call us a value for money proposition. to think its because we deliver more for less.
We have a crazy notion at Arc-Max that our partners have the right to know where their project stands at any given point of time. We make ourselves available to answer any questions that they might have regarding their projects.
experience / knowledge
When we come to the table we bring with us 10 years of experience in working with the web. We guide you in what paths can be take the pros and ocns of each path. We have the experience and knowledge required deliver results.
lifetime warranty
We put our money where our mouth is by giving you a lifetime warranty on the programing that we do. So that even after the work is deployed we will rectify any bugs that are uncovered.
You know how sometimes you are bounced around a organization to make the smallest of changes or when something falls through..when the left hand doesn't know what the right hand does. well, it doesn't happen here. We promise you a dedicated point of contact who will interact with you while advancing production goals for the term of your relationship.
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