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the process
This collaborative effort of building products using AGILE method has helped us create products that deliver results and build lasting relationships with our partners.

PHP website development understanding
Each project begins with the understanding of requirements, goals and functionality. At this stage what we are trying to do get your vision on paper to create a document so that "we are all on the same page". This can (and more often than not is) be an iterative process as there will be questions on various aspects of the requirements.


PHP website development the document
By the time the process 1 & 2 are complete we actually have a very good idea of what you are looking for as opposed "I want a website like", at this point we say "we are on the same page" and create a "scope of work document" or as we like to call it our "holy grail".


PHP website development design
We understand the importance of asthetics, clarity and ease-of-use of the user interface. We spend an inordinate amount of time on it because we know it can make or break an application or website. The way we do it is design, get feedback and iterate - over and over again for as long as it takes to get it right. No compromises.


PHP website development execution
We prefer executing the project using the Agile method which stresses on small and frequent releases and direct user involvent during the development process. This process helps our partners review our work at short intervals, keeps us on track with the requirements and more importantly gives our partners time to assess features and functionality that were in the scope of work, tweak them or change them. It also helps monitor our progress (although we do communicate with our client on a daily basis).

PHP website development user case scenarios
Once the basic requirements are known , we try to understand how the user will interact with the end product (by showing you real life examples), the business rules and "what if" scenarios. We also try to identify technologies / platforms / third party tools (if required) that will help in coding those requirement.


PHP website development the proposal / contract
On approval of the scope of work document we will create a proposal which will contain all the milestones, timelines and payment structure. Once agreed upon we will then send you a contract. We then begin executing the project.


PHP website development architecture
While our designing team works on the graphics and front end ui.Our programing team creates the entire architecture of the system, database design and work documents that will help them deliver the project as per the specs.


PHP website development testing & deployment
Once all the milestones have been completed and or online on our servers we then test the entire program as a complete unit. At this stage a lot of the bugs or tweaks have been taken care during the previous stage.The final testing helps us weed out any minor issues that we come across. You will be asked to test the product too, in its entirety, and sign off before we deploy the product on your server. Any bugs you find after deployment is coverd by our "Life time Warranty".

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