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web everything
RIA / Web Applications
A combination of desktop user interface functionality of software applications with the accessbility and low-cost deployment of Web applications.

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) offers organizations a proven and cost-effective way to deliver modern applications that help retain customers, increase office productivity and grow your business.

RIAs eliminate such limitations of standard Web applications as low HTML interactivity, data entering, processing and retrieval problems, scalability complicities. Web applications are traditional client / sever applications that have been ported to the web environment.

We at Arc-Max have a unique set of self proffessed geeks who not only understand technology but understand how to utilize it to achieve results. A great application not only retains the client but helps carry forward your brand and increases productivity through result. We have been fortunate enough to create our fair share of such applications. Applications that have saved companies during the tough time by going the RIA way.

Whether it be a simple search, or one that involves multiple sliders, web 2.0 interaction or creating back end office application that help you move forward and insync with your other offices we can create them all, in a cost effective manner.

We have used Flash, Jquery, AJAX FLEX to create RIA's.

To retain customers, promote your brand, increase productivity, and improve your bottomline contact one of our client service representatives today.