We dream in code

We specialize in creating web applications using PHP. We use a variety of frame works and libraries to create your requirements. The technology and tools vary from project to project depending on the requirements. Size of the product / site / app does not matter, the approach and execution do, if results have to be delivered. And at Arc-Max we are all about results.

We create web applications that are light, fast and deliver results. How do we do it ?


Why we succeed.

  • Listening and Asking questions: By taking time to understand your requirements.
  • Planning: Identifying technologies, frameworks, libraries that will help speedup the building process.We do not believe in re inventing the wheel, but believe in creating code that you can expand upon.
  • Code: What we eat sleep and breathe.Oh yes, and Dream.
  • Test: Testing it at every milestone, ensuring it does what it needs to do. Creating a zero bug state.
  • Launch: Upload it to your servers and hand over the keys to you.

Why Us

Experience and Integrity.

We are very passionate about our work, we take pride in the solutions we build. A few adjectives that our clients use to describe us eye for detail, cost effective, communicative, transparent, knowledgeable, result oriented.

Our ability to convert your vision into code while adhering to the basic principle of the software development.


100% Money Back Gurantee!

We stand behind every product we build and offer a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE on the work, if you ever find something that is not working the way it was meant to work, we will fix it free of cost or if you are not satisfied with the work, 100% Money Back Gurantee


1385 Projects Completed / 135 Satisfied Clients / Batman would be jealous.

Grounds Up Programing

Our core competency.

Optimizing / De-bugging

If you have a piece coding that needs to be improved. Send it over, will make it work better.

Core PHP

What we breathe, eat, sleep and dream in.

PHP Frameworks

Laravel / CI / Cake


Native and Frameworks: Vue / React / Angular


Creating mobile responsive websites and application


Creating intuitive interfaces that actually help in conversions.


Admin dashboards, stuff that controls your web applications.

Amazon AWS

Setting up and configuring your cloud


Custom CRM programing /SugarCRM / Customzing


Custom Shopping Carts, OsCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce

Payment Integration

PayPal, AvenueCC, Stripe, Anything with an API document.

API Integration

Any kind of API integration. REST / SOAP.

API Creation

Looking to share data securely. We can create an API for your service.


Real Estate based websites. Integrating rets / idx feeds.

Amazon Marketplace

Marketplace programing.


Themese and Plugins Customization.


Simple websites to editing modules.

JQuery / JqueryUI

DOM / Ajax / Graphs.

Landing Pages

Creating high conversion rate pages


Organic rankings, PPC, Keyword optimization


Facebook / Instagram / Twitter Campaigns


We can slice and dice your designs and bring your vision to life.


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