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how we work
Building relationships through results.

When we develop a prodct we consider ourselves an extention of your team, partners if you will. Becuase a successful product can only be developed when there is a undestanding of the intracasies of the product. Size of the product / site / app does not matter, the approach and execution do, if results have to be delivered. And at Arc-Max we are all about results.

It is here that we feel that being partners helps us understand your requirements better because we see things from your perspective. What really sets us apart is our ability to take your specs and deliver results by creating a better product by anticipating your future needs. If it means thinking out of the box, being innovative, then so be it, because we will do whatever it takes to create a product that delivers results.

We also believe that developing quality products need not cost a fortune. All it requires is a dedicated team who take pride in their work and have the ability to convert their partners vision into code while adhering to the basic principle of the software development.

Conversions, ROI..results is what we aim for. Delivering them is what defines us.

use of technology
We see technology as a means to deliver results. We don't choose technology just becuase its new and cool, but becuase it can cut cost and development time. We like to build things from scratch it give us greater control on the quality of the finished product, however we are never shy of using exisitng technology/tools if it can save us from reinventing the wheel (read time and money). These decisions are taken on a case to case basis. One of the main factors we consider before choosing a technology is its robustness in fullfilling current and future requirement.

We prefer using open source technology to build websites and applications because it costs less and offers greater flexibility, while maintaining the integrity and security of the application.

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