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eCommerce (b2b / b2c / m2c)
Setting it up is easy. Getting results is difficult. At Arc-Max we help you get results by understanding your clients, it's not difficult it just takes experience.

It's easy. There are hundreds of out of box programs available that just need to be installed a few options checked and you are reday to enter the lucrative world of ecommerce.Throw in a cheap template and you have your front end completed. But will this give you the numbers you are looking for ?

You will find a number of providers that offer packaged solutions but do they take time to understand your customer needs. At Arc-Max we do, because results are important. Any retailer will tell you that if clients cannot find products within a few clicks they stop filling the shopping cart, we get that. We are experts at tailoring existing shopping cart and checkout solutions to meet your needs. From how the front page is designed, deals positioned, access to product pages, search filter, menu positons to something as small as a logo, everything matters when you want to maximize conversions. As we say it's not difficult it just needs experience.

From start-up firms to established companies, we offer an absolute end-to-end ecommerce solution in order to build and maintain a professional retail presence on the World Wide Web.

We build our ecommerce solutions using oscommerce, zen or ubercart using rapid action frameworks such as Joomla or Drupal.

To retain customers, increase productivity, and improve your bottomline contact one of our client service representatives today.

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